HoopPlay Premiere Showcase Invitational November 25 in Little Rock will be epic.  According to ESPN, basketball is the most popular youth sport with over 450,000 girls and over 550,000 boys playing for a school-sponsored team.  As kids become older it becomes more competitive as far as the selection of kids. Therefore, you have to find a way to distinguish yourself when it comes to recruiting.  Attending basketball camps and showcase events will help you gain exposure and earn an exclusive basketball scholarship.

Our local and national partnerships with ESPN Arkansas, Jr. NBA, and National Scouting Report understand the importance of distinguishing yourself and gaining national exposure.  According to CBS News, less than 1 in 35 high school seniors play college basketball.  Attending our mini-camps, showcase invitationals, and tournament series will help you beat those odd.  Register now to begin your process of being recruited and distinguishing yourself.


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